Eve Hanlin~ Classes and Education

Have a group, troop, club or venue that could benefit from a class or presentation? I’m willing to teach to all ages! Send me an email, we can discuss what you are looking for.


Classes, tutoring, on introductory topics including:

  • Vegetable Gardening
  • Gardening
  • Herb Gardening
  • Wildlife Gardening
  • Seed Starting
  • Plant Propagation
  • Attracting Pollinators
  • Designing a Plant Guild
  • Foraging for Wild Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest
  • Edible Weeds of Clark County
  • Urban Foraging
  • Composting
  • Sustainable Living 

I lead youth lectures/activities at a rate of $50 per hour.
I teach or present to adults or more mature audiences at a rate of $60 per hour.

One hour minimum. I will provide basic props and printed handouts. Note that my range is within Clark County, WA. Outside of this range, we can discuss any additional distance charge.

Send me an email with what you are looking for, we can work out the details!
evehanlin at gmail.com
(Please change “at” to “@”, it’s typed out to prevent spam)

Malena learned how to harvest Wild Ginger in a Class on Foraging for Wild Edible Plants.
Learn how to attract pollinators to your backyard, and how to protect them.
Learn how to cook things like these Big Leaf Maple Blossom Fritters in a Foraging for Wild Edible Plants Class.
Want to try growing your own plant starts for your garden? Just don’t know how?
Vegetable gardening is easy, if you just know where to start!
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