Local attractions near our farm~
Our area features several trails, waterfalls and wineries.

~ A half mile from our homestead is the trailhead for Moulton Falls Trail. (formerly called Hantwick Trail)
It is a 2.5 mile trial that ends in Moulton Falls Park. It’s a really nice trail for biking or walking. Click the link for more info.

~ 3 mile drive from our homestead is Moulton Falls Park, which features two waterfalls and walking trails.

1 mile from us is Lucia Falls Park.
It features a beautiful water fall where you can watch steelhead jump as well as a 1 mile+ trail, and picnic areas.

Battle Ground Lake State Park.
It features a play area, hiking trails, picnic areas and a beautiful lake that is a very old volcanic crater!
(This park charges a day fee or requires a Discovery Pass)

There are three wineries within a few miles of us.
Click the links below to check out their websites for hours and more info.

Heisen House Vineyards

Pomeroy Cellars

Moulton Falls Winery