This year we decided to raise our own pigs…
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Why? Because we decided years ago to be more conscious of where our food comes from.
So… here we are! On our dream farm, with piggies scampering about in our pastures.
We are selling pork shares this year, but since it is our first year, we have limited numbers.
If you are interested in reserving a half or whole pig, please email us at
I will then email you a detailed information price sheet.
Berkshire Piglets

We only have Berkshire pigs left, and will be getting more Berkshire the end of May.
Berkshires are a heritage breed pigs, renowned for their ability to raise well on pasture and for their yummy, marbled meats. 
Berkshire Links~

Our pigs are raised on our no-spray pasture and we feed them soy free/organic grains from Magill Ranch in Oregon. They are kept in a mobile fence that gets moved around our pasture and orchard areas.  

They are spoiled rotten…. and get plenty of fresh air, clean water, unlimited green grass, sunshine (when it’s out), rainbows and happiness! 
We are really enjoying them, they are very happy pigs. 
Lotsa napping and basking too!

You are welcome to come and visit our pigs, to see how they are being raised and what they are fed, etc. Just drop us an email to set a time.

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