It’s a Peepy time of year!
Several of our hens had gone broody, so on May 12th we marked 8 eggs for them to sit on. They shared the responsibility. Yesterday morning, exactly 21 days later, we found chicks! 
At the end of the day we had four of them. 
Still more eggs in there that have not hatched, we will give them a day or so before giving up.
Here is the only Rhode Island Red chick, fresh from the shell…
The other three chicks are Buffs…
Again this year our reliable mamma is Bambi, a Buff Orphington we adopted from friends.
Here is a quick video (41 seconds) of Bambi and the Peeps…
The squawking is Agatha, our gramma hen. 
She was NOT happy about the coop door being up and me looking in. 
Welcome, little fuzz wads!