I haven’t been the best blogger for quite some time now. It seems that times have changed and I am in LOVE with instagram.
Being a visual person, I love the platform and how quick and easy it is to post our life and happenings. We are also on Facebook of course, but mostly just me pushing my instagram posts over to there.

Come and follow us!
We have TWO instagram accounts… as our business/homestead, Peculiar Ambitions  and my personal one, as Reenie Hanlin. (click for links)
I am the family member who posts the most, so I try to keep my own art and weirdness to my personal instagram.
You can also view our instagram pages on the web (at the above links), but of course it works best on the app.

On Facebook we are Peculiar Ambitions … Click for link.

I will work harder at being present here, even if that entails reposting my instagram images here.

TTFN xo Reenie

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