I. Love. Instagram.
I realized that I am almost never posting here anymore, and that is because I have found a quick and easy way to post my journey there. But, that leaves this happy space neglected, so here is a catch up of some of my latest instagram posts….
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My kitchen sink windowsill weirdness. . Featuring some primrose I had to bring inside because the hens were eating them! Wishbones that Ann collected that have somehow been paired with gemstones. My beloved vintage troll planter with his airplant ‘do. Two fairy eggs from hens who recently started laying again this season. Some small pussy willow branches from our giant ancient willow bush…

My new hair color. (Top left is before). Makes me happy.  No bleaching before coloring so fade out will be easy. Winter has been rough on the mood and body image this year… needed to have some FUN. #pinkhairdontcare  #razzledazzle

This is why we call him Moodini. A cow that understands what free means and constantly figures out how to get there. Such a brat. Luckily he is a sweetie and will follow us (and the grain bucket) right back in. A few more minutes and he would have been up those stairs looking in the slider at me.

Did you know that you can clip some budded branches from your forsythia bush and force them to bloom inside? Just bring them in and put them in water. Also works with apple blooms and cherry trees etc. YAY for spring. Spring-a-ding-a-linga! #spring #forsythia #bringit

First of my Color Cravings hats. (4 total pics on instagram). Called “Clashing Pinks”. Knit side features a Pom, Purl side has a french braid inspired by Westknits. I can’t stop looking at these colors. #colorobsessed #colorocd #colorcravings#coloraddict #knithat

Color cravings green hat#2, this one for my dad. I made the stripes thicker this time. Because they wanted to be thicker. Am I the only one that their knitting speaks to them? (to see Green hat #1 see my instagram feed)

Ezmaralda is hiding from the birds. That are outside the window. She is a super stalker panther and disgusted that I am blocking her view. #stupidhuman#ezmaraldcat #panther