Photos from our lives~
(in no particular order)
Sunday morning swatching… 11-18-12
Me rocking my fun Liz Olney bracelet. 11-7-12
Knit FO (finished object)~ Rockwell’s Aviator Hat 11-8-12
A before pic… Reenie at the salon. 
Of course I still have not taken an after photo… oh well. 
Soon. 11-13-12
 Potatoes and green beans from our garden and pork chops from our piggy. 
All raised here on our Peculiar homestead. YUM. 11-7-12
The colors that have been haunting me for weeks… 11-8-12
We pressed almost 50 gallons of cider this week. Still not finished.
Most goes into fermentation tanks to make hard cider. 
The rest we drink and freeze for later in the year. 
Liquid heaven. 11-13-12
Frolicing with friends in the orchard… in our stylish knit hats! 
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WHY am I cross posting everything?
Well, over the next few months, both blogs will be combined into one, shiney, sparkly fantastic NEW blog, which will sit here on the site.
This blog will not only be my voice (Reenie), but all of us,
reflecting our crazy, farmy, artsy, family-filled lives. will remain as is, as my blog archives (since 2007!)
So… keep an eye out for these changes to take effect. They are still very much in the planning stages.