This morning I read a really fantastic blog post by Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative.
I have his book on the “To Read” pile, but in the meantime have been following his blog.

The post was called “The Urgency of Treating Life as Art”.

This post TOTALLY ties in with our Mission Statement for the farm!

Please, please take a few minutes and go read it.

My favorite part of the post….

“I have determined that this year – the year in which I’m writing my 2nd book, growing two businesses, living in airports, and working to be the father, friend, and husband I must be – I will be treating my life more like the work of art it is.
Here are a few ways I’ll be doing that:
  1. Slow down. I am not a pinball, bouncing from thing to thing. Life is not mine for consumption, it’s mine for experience. Experiences are only real if they are internalized through reflection. I will slow down this year, even in the midst of my busyness.
  2. Synthesize. Great artists are synthesizers. They notice. They take in their environment and weave things together to make them more beautiful. I want to traffic in beauty this year, not pragmatics. I want to take the time to be thematic.
  3. Energize. I aspire to bring more energy into every event, meeting, and encounter than I take away. I want others to feel energized by my presence, not drained. Even when I see my own energy level diminishing, I aspire to pour whatever I have into that moment.
  4. Immerse. I want to be present – deeply, truly present – in my work, with my family, in my thoughts. My writing. My relationships. My serving. I want to be…here…now. Always.
Art is not perfect. It is not ideal. It is not comfortable. It challenges, provokes, stands for itself. There isn’t always a rationalization for its ineffable value. Yet, it stands.”
This is exactly what our goal is, helping people find more time to savor life.  Soon we will be holding events and workshops to provide the inspiration to make big (or small) changes in your lifestyle. A place to share and grow.
Mr. Henry ends his post with this…
Friends, treat your life as art. Spend yourself wisely. Whatever path you are on, walk it well. Live, make, love with conviction.”
I couldn’t have said it better myself!