Things have been quiet on the blog, but not in life.
We lost a dear friend to Melanoma last week, which just… well, it just sucks.
Life lesson is that life is short. and beautiful. even when it hurts.
That’s all I have to say.

I leave you with some photos of life these past few weeks…
Making things sparkle with Jackie Sparkles…
Semi-frozen pond… pretty but. brrrrr (ugh).
Twig star…
Latest Hats~ Zoe’s Thorpe hat and Ann’s Earflap Hat from handspun~
Maureen is molting. She looks horrific and it’s cold. Silly chicken.
Measuring the tree height. Tall man ruler.
Hauling to the tree shaker… where they shake out the critters and dead stuff.
MOM! Stop taking my picture!
Mamma likes the barn siding on the tree farm. 
Take note for OUR barn/studio renovation coming this spring.
Tree on car!
The tree is still in the barn, in it’s stand, still bound, 
waiting for us to dig a hole so it can come inside… perhaps today?