IMG_6839_2We all follow our own Peculiar Ambitions around here. Hence the name…
You see a lot of mine,with yarns and knitting…
Our daughter Ann likes film making. Screenwriting is her favorite part.
Last fall my friend Jackie sent me an email about POWGirls. It sounded perfect for Ann, so we promptly enrolled her.


Here is a link to the POWGirls website (there is a behind the scenes video clip to see). It was a filmmaking workshop for girls ages 15-18 in Portland, OR.  There were two groups of 7 girls and they had 30 hours to conceive, write, storyboard, film and edit a 3 minute short film. Their films were then screened at the POWFest film festival held at the Hollywood Theater in Portland this past weekend.


Here is the video Ann’s group created. (Ann is the girl with the book.)

“Great Expectations”… A girl is an outsider in a technology-obsessed society until she makes a friend, and everything seems too good to be true.

Great Expectations from POWFest on Vimeo.

So proud of what they came up with in such a short amount of time. Love to see young talent shine. Love to see our girl following her passions.

Downloadable Link