Today we forgot celery for the stuffing. Big problem right? 
It’s a tradition to have Reenie’s grandma’s stuffing recipe and it “needs” celery! 
I know you’re probably wondering how this relates to being thankful and I’m glad you asked. 🙂 

Here’s how…
   Ann was riding with me to the store (because we forgot celery) and the local radio station has already started playing Christmas carols.  She said, “Wow I can’t believe summer’s over already”.  Of course I did the old Dad thing and said, “The older you get the faster time goes”.  I started thinking about that on the drive and listened to her singing Christmas songs with the radio and I let myself slow down and be thankful (because today is the day to do that)…
…and I also thought of the eulogy in the link below and Steve Jobs last words. I don’t know if you’re a Steve Jobs fan or not or believe in what he did or if you’re an Apple fan or not and I really don’t care…for once let all of that go. In all fairness you have to admit the man was amazing.  We all have our faults. 

   My point is, I don’t necessarily consider Thanksgiving my favorite holiday…I am more enthralled by New Year’s and celebrating new beginnings, reflecting on lessons learned and looking forward to a fresh start….but today (this is also due to a very sick friend battling hard against cancer) Thanksgiving struck much deeper…. 

I want to be thankful and happy with where I am and what I have.  
I want to be thankful we forgot the celery and I had that time to spend with my beautiful, healthy daughter. 
I want to be thankful that I had a place to go to buy celery and that there was a store stocked with organic celery.  
I want to always remember to be thankful and look at everything with the last words that Steve Jobs said…you have to read it (you have to read the eulogy to get his last words).   You’ll get it.