Yesterday we welomed a new family member to our home.
Meet Ruby.
(Ruby the dog.  Ruby the hen has been stripped of her awesome name and renamed Rosalita. She was fine with it.)
There has been a huge hole in our family since our Xena passed on… and it has been felt the most by our Stella (our 3 yo German Shepherd). I have been looking online for the perfect puppy, and on Tues. I found her, just 20 minutes from our farm.
When we went to the breeder to pick a puppy, about 11 of them came scampering out, a constantly moving pile of furry cuteness.  I couldn’t even get a photo, they were moving so fast. It was horrible. Nothing worse than a pile of puppies (note heavy sarcasm).
Paul kept his wits about him and selected our girl.
Here she is meeting her big sister.
First a sniff.
 Then another.
A few moments to wrap her brain around it. What IS this thing?!
Ruby and Eve.
Sleeping in her ‘area’, a temporary structure that Paul built in the mudroom and she hates it.
There have been two sleepless nights so far, and hopefully they will start to get further and far between.
But we already love her so.
Welcome, sweet Ruby.

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