This past weekend was a sad, sad time for our family. 
Our Xena quietly passed on to doggie heaven. 
She was 8 1/2 years old and died from kidney failure.
Thank you, sweet girl, for being the best dog ever.
Here are some photos of our girl over the years…
She was only 1/4 lab, but everyone thought she was a lab puppy because she was not very big.
I wanted to name her Petunia Lucille, but Paul did not want to have to call such a sissy name so we ended up with Xena Lucille.
She was a total girly dog, Petunia would have fit her much better, so Xena (the warrior princess), turned out to be an ironic name, which I suppose fits our sarcastic family well…
When she wanted food treats she would say “I love you”, only it sounded like ry rov rou.
When she barked it hurt her own ears and she would shake her head. So it went, BARK!, shake shake shake, BARK! shake shake shake. It was funny.
She loved her wubbies (stuffed critters) but she hated to play fetch. 
She would bring her wubbie to you to show you, 
but if you threw it, she gave you a look like, Why did you do THAT?!
She LOVED to hunt for moles and bunnies and rodents 
and was forever digging holes looking for them.
She also loved to roam away and visit the neighbors… it was my job to make sure she was always nearby, which entailed calling her every so often to keep her close.
 I am still looking for her everywhere.
It will take a while to break that habit.
Goodbye to my girl.