We love summer.
Love love love.
Here are some recent shots of life around here lately~
Paul has been working with the hives. 
We had a swarm move into the empty hive boxes in our barnand they built their comb under the lid.
He had to move the brood into frames. The bees will fill in the gaps with more comb.
It’s dahlia madness in the garden. 
Eve planted a kajillion of them. Want some?
Mrs. William’s hydrangea bush bloomed for the first time this year 
(since we moved here three years ago!). It’s amazing. 
Mrs. Williams lived here for 65 years before us.
I created a cocktail, (and promise to post the recipe). 
It’s called a” Goosey Lucy” and it is SO yummy.
There has been a LOT of swimming in the pond.
Gathering of friends…  
 Family visits (our entire family lives in PA)…
And my quiet practice. 
Being still and quiet is not something that I do enough, but is so good for me.
Be still and listen. It’s something I need to cultivate and work on every day.
We planted flowers in memory of all my grandmothers. The gladiolus are for my Gram Kopp.
Planted in her favorite colors, lavender purple and a peachy pink.
 View of the orchard from the tractor.
Our young flock of hens.
The news ladies’ tiny eggs are on the right.
The giant egg in the center is our old, over-achieving Ameracauna hen (Connie). 
She lays a big one every week-ish. It usually has a double or triple yolk!
And of course, there is a lot of knitting happening. And planning. 
The planning never stops. 
Back to absorbing this last month of summer!
See you soon!