We have been taking a lot of time lately to absorb life. 
Well, that and working… alot…on the garden and with the animals.
When I look over my photos it seems like all I do is sit on my deck, but really that is the only time I stop to photograph anything. Funny.
My knitting/design time is spent on my couch, where I have full view of our deck and pond, where I can watch the BIRDS! This year they are my favorite.
Who knew I was already turning into a crazy bird lady? We laugh at how much we soudn like our grandparents, all excited about the birds at the feeder.
I put feeders on the deck this past winter. Feeders and a lot of suet cages. This spring we have had so many new birds.
We are not native Pacific Northwesters, we grew up on the East Coast.
Wildlife here is a neverending wonderland for us. 
This year the Grosbeaks came to eat!  
An entire flock of them. Two types, Evening Grosbeaks and Black-headed Grosbeaks
The Evening Grosbeaks are my FAV. It looks like the male is wearing yellow sunglasses.
Here is a Black-headed Grosbeak~
This year, several pairs of Red-winged Blackbirds nested in the cattails by our pond.

Paul waded in the water and took this photo right after their eggs hatched!
This photo was taken exactly ONE month ago~
And this one a few days ago!
It’s astonishing how fast they have grown.
They are now feisty babies, still wonky with the flying thing, fighting over suet cakes on the deck. 
If we get too close to the nest, the Papa will dive at us.
Yesterday we had the debut of a family of Mallard Ducks!
Mom was so subtle, we didn’t even know she had built a nest.
Paul and Eve took the canoe out and got some fantastic photos of them, 
learning how to swim and catch bugs.
 Here are some more shots of life around here lately~

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