Photos from January~
It’s been a frosty month. Cold and sunshiney. 
Not your typical PNW winter…
 I made my art journal for 2013~! 
This is an in-progress photo. More to come. 
Mushroom village.
A Selfie. Complete with bedhead and in jammies.
My studio helpers. This day they were helping me sew. 
Neighborhood Solstice bonfire. Hosted by our fantastic neighbors, Dave & Marieke. 
My chickens, striking a pose. 
Ann in her pink fedora.
The walk Paul and the girls dragged me on when I was beyond cranky.
It cheered me up, but made my knees cranky.
Ice at the pond pipe.
Frosty sunshineyness.
Skate day with friends. 
Ann basking on the dock. 
Ice fault line. 
Jack frost!
Sun through the moss. 
Happy pickle! 
Music night. 
Sun through the frosty willow tree. 
In 2009 I started to take a photo each and every day. They help me to remember a bite of our every day, and have been so much fun to browse through to remind us of our lives. 
Because life is all about the small things. 
I now take the photos with my phone and upload them to instagram. 
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