This is my Paw.
He passed on over five years ago now, but is still with me almost every day. 
He was my person you see, one of my favorite all time people.
This is us on his tractor when I was one.
This was his band.
The Stump Jumpers.
They were a comedy/ gospel/ country band who did little shows in retirement (convalescent) homes in PA. Note the silly outfits and hats.
About a year ago I bought a cassette converter to transfer his tapes to digital files,
only I could not bear to listen to them, it made me sad to hear his voice.
Until yesterday… he kept popping up all over so I said “alright already!” and started transferring them.
Here is a recording of the Stump Jumpers performing “You are my Sunshine” (as a sing-along with the audience), complete with a heckling and comedy intro (which only lasts a few seconds). My Paw is the feisty heckler in the beginning (yap yap yap) and the raspy, tone-deaf voice that starts the song off…. he plays the piano.  Note the the heavy PA Dutch accents.

Miss you Pawey.