It’s time. Time to put it “Out There.” (gulp!)
Anyone who knows us has heard us talk and talk about our “dream farm”.
A magical place where we can all gather and learn and grow and push each other out of our boxes.
Paul and I have talked about this since we met, over 17(?!) years ago… a dream a long time in the making and planning, and here we are! (we moved here in Oct. 2010 and have been cleaning up and planning ever since!)
This is the year it will begin to come together, and you have the opportunity to WATCH, right here, on this special blog. The barn has plans to be renovated (oh my, what a project!) into a classroom/studio space. It is very excited about this. (grin)

Once that is going, the class/ workshop schedule will start falling into place. In the meantime, watch for an online shop (coming soon!) and the beginnings of a cidery/winery! (I know, YUM).

view of our very old (almost 100 yrs!) orchard…

I recently enrolled in a very special online course, designed to take a new approach to running a business.

Called Hello Soul, Hello Business!
This class came at the exact perfect time.
Here is my class intro post, which sums it all up perfectly…

My name is Reenie and I am SO excited to be part of this amazing experience! I gotta say, I am equally excited and scared…
BUT– it all goes together… like a roller coaster ride! If it isn’t scary, what’s the point?
Anyway— I am a mom, artist, designer, knitter, art journaler, painter, beekeeper, chicken lady and a crazy person!
We (me, my two girls and my man) live on our dream farm in Battle Ground, WA, just a bit north of Portland, OR.
This past year I closed my online yarn shop/boutique (MaterialWhirled) that I ran from home for over six years… a really hard decision to end my store and go for some important lifestyle changes.
THIS year is the start of our family dream… our dream farm, a place to hold classes and retreats and workshops and events and a winery and store and, and….?
We are so very excited about it all and this class came at the exact perfect time, right smack in the middle of the transition and decision making stages.
YAY for divine guidance, eh>? Providing just what we need at the exact time we need it…
That said, please come visit my blogs… there are two, one for my personal antics and one for our FARM, called “Peculiar Ambitions”.
Links below…
I really, truly look forward to meeting everyone and being a part of this very important revolution.
Anyone local to me? Find me please… would love to put faces to names…
Reenie Hanlin
Farm blog~

our greenhouse

Well, now it’s “out there”,  for all to know our intentions and dreams… this post was written with a lot of tears and “oh, crap”, here we go! READY?????

Come join the FUN (RSS link on the right) and follow our antics through this exciting time!
We are so excited to meet you and to share our magical place with you~!
Reenie, Paul, Eve and Ann (and the dogs, cats, chickens and rabbit).