Rooster, chicken and dog prints on the deck stairs…

It’s been a weird few weeks. Not that there are ever any normal weeks here…
Last week we had some snow! Personally, I am not a fan of the white stuff. Moving from PA to the Pacific Northwest was a nice change for me. In PA we got s.n.o.w… cold stuff that stuck around for months. Here, it snows and is pretty much gone in a few days.

Last week the snow dabbled around a bit for a few days, then wham! We woke on Wed. to 9 inches!
We live in a pocket between mountain ranges in the north part of Clark County, WA. Vancouver (south of us) had a wee bit of not much, but we were STUCK. Trees and poles down over the roads and NO ELECTRIC. Now I am a country girl for sure, but NOT a pioneer. I like my modern conveniences…. plus we are on a well, so no electric= no running water. bah!

Here are some shots of our days, which were spent frolicking in the snow, knitting and managing around the no electricity thing…. and a few of life before the storm.

Life as it is…

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Snow fall and the pond…

Across the orchard…

Snow dog eating snowman’s (named Baxter) arm.
Cold chicken snuggles.
Purple hair Ann…
This is a week or so before the snow storm, the sun was shining through large rain drops on the pond. 
It looked like fairy lights!
Eve was digging up 2 kajillion iris bulbs from the old, old flower bed next to the house.
As she unearthed them, worms popped out. 
Ro the hen was right there the entire time and manically grabbed the worms as they showed.
Spoiled chicken.
This is Roger, our new dude. He is so handsome (sigh).
Named after the rooster in Disney’s Robin Hood. (voiced by country singer Roger Miller)
This is our reigning dude, Salatin. 
Named after farm guru Joel Salatin (Paul is a huge fan)
This is what happens each time I go outside.
Because I am the bringer of the cookies. The Scooby snacks.
I love this, that they come running. 
If I cannot have dancers like Lady Gaga, 
then I will settle for a flock of chickens following me around. 
~ Reenie