In 2010 I made myself a sweater.
I was so proud of this sweater, as it was my first creation without a pattern.
Only problem is, it did not fit me property, and the style was not flattering. At all.



Plus there is an obvious switch in colorways, right across the belly. Oy.
Also some sort of glimmerglitch in the colorway that looked like a white spot(?!)


So, into the closet it went for a few years.
Not long ago I pulled it out and realized that it was years since I have worn it and it is time.
Time to turn it back into usable yarn.


So I frogged and ripped it back.
The grils were mortified for me. I was NOT mortified. All I saw was they yummy yarn that was still very usable!

The Yarn, btw, is Yowza! by MissBabs and the colorway is Cadet.
It took three of us to rip out the sleeves (one to rip, two to wind), seems I alternated skeins each row because of the color difference


Once the balls were all wound, I wrapped them into skeins on my skein winder.
They were super curly so I gave them a  bath and hung them to dry, then sorted them by dye lot.
It was obvious which was which.
Funny how you can miss things when knitting, you get so used to looking at it, it’s like you develop tunnel vision.
Or something. Or you just become over-committed and the thought of stopping is too much to contemplate. haha.

So here is where I am at right now. A new sweater for Eve started (almost to the armpits).
She chose a sweater similar (but with variations) to Ann’s Pink Sweater.

Downloadable Link