I am one of those people (of many) who spend WAY too much time playing around in all the amazing craft ideas on Pinterest. I once came across a picture of a “Toilet Paper Tube Flower” and decided to put together this little recreation for you. Inspired by Corabelle. Found via Pinterest.
                                         ~A Grand Collection of Empty Toilet Paper Tubes
                                                (11 for one large flower)
                                         ~Hot Glue Gun
                                         ~Paper Cutter (Or Scissors, Ruler and Pencil)
                                         ~One Or Two Wonderfully Helpful Cats to Keep You Company
The whole process overall doesn’t take too long. The first thing you’re going to want to do is plug in your good ol’ hot glue gun. The hot glue works very well for this project, it hold together well and you don’t half to wait for any drying. You just have to spend some time removing the “spider webs”(as I call them).
First, (if this hasn’t already been done) give the toilet paper tube a nice flattening.

Cut the (4 inch) tube into three 1 1/2 inch pieces.
Ezmaralda approves.
Cut those pieces in half again (to 3/4 inch pieces). This just so happens to be the length of the metal strip on the paper cutter, which came in handy. If you are using a scissors and ruler, just mark off every 3/4 inch with a pencil and just hack the thing up in one step.

You can make a whole pile of these (it takes 11 tubes to make the largest flower), or cut as you go.

Place a dab of glue on the side, a bit down from the “point” of the tube (see pic) and stick two together.

I call this the “double petal” shape. You will be using it a lot.
Keep connecting petals until you have a flower of eight.
This is your first layer flower! This is a pretty nice flower in itself. You can use smaller ones like this instead of (or with) the larger ones. They’re a lot of fun.

For the next layer, use single petals all around. Put glue on both sides of the petal instead of just one.

And stick between the petals of the last row! All the way around.
Ez and Precious supervised. 
I must have been doing a satisfactory job, because they didn’t give me too much trouble.


Now take a “double petal” and put glue on three sides.

And stick in the space between the last petal row.


For the FINAL ROW take some more “double petals” 
and put both in between the last row petals, and the spaces in between.

Almost there…

Here it is!

Hang it up with simply a thumb tack or add a string a hang it from the ceiling (or in a window!).
Hope you have fun making and enjoying these!