Last spring we decided to let our rabbits go free. They were pitiful in their hutch, and not being snuggly love bunnies, we could not find them a home where they would not be harvested for their meat or hide.

So we decided to let them live their life feral and free…
Coriander (not shown here) made it a few months and disappeared. Either he wandered so far he did not find his way back, or nature got him.
Alton, on the other hand, snuggled right in by digging a comfortable tunnel in the barn… and spent most of his days by the compost pile, munching away….

Then he found the chickens…

He now lives with them, in their fenced area that we move around.
He eats their food and sleeps in their tree with them.
When I call the hens for snacks, he comes running right along with them, and I have seen him playing run-in-circles with one of the young hens, where they take turns running in circles around one another.
It’s so odd.

We love you, Alton Brown.