There are several blogs that I follow…
They inspire me and give me plenty of food for thought.

One of my favorites blogs is by Melody Ross, of The Brave Girls Club.
Her post this morning talked about the bad habit of waiting for the shoe to drop.
Living in fear of bad things happening…

I am SO guilty of this… I know I am happy and that we are in the midst of such a fantastic, blessed time in our lives, but there is always that voice in my head saying “enjoy it, it may not last”. 

That voice comes from years of lean and hard, stressful times. It was a coping mechanism that I needed at the time, admitting there are things I have no control over and just hanging on by a thread.
But those times are years in the past. Life is amazing now, and I am learning how to expect them to stay amazing.  I now know how strong we are, and what we learned from our struggles. 
So really, no matter what the future brings, we will be OK.

I have learned to appreciate the NOW, because NOW is all we really have. 
The past is gone, and the future? It’s not guaranteed and definitely not here yet.

I REALLY loved to this part of her post…

We feel the same way about our farm! 
Like it has been waiting for us it’s whole life. 
Now we are here and have magical things planned for it. 
Even after a year and a half, we are still in the “pinch me” phase.

Sitting in a very grateful and thankful place right now.
Life is good.

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