Summer is my favorite time of year. The weather, the flowers, the garden, and family visits.
 My favorite flowers so far this year are my neon-coral geraniums. Delicious!
My girls. 
 Our entire family still lives in PA (we are in WA), so summer brings a lot of family visits.
First visit was my Dad and brother Jack.
 Visits bring many road trips to local sites, which means a ton of car knitting time!
Our animals are growing fast, and we have fallen into a nice summer routine of feedings and scratches.
My mom and step-dad are here now for a long visit, we have been doing a lot of this…
I always have a mega ton of ideas in my head, this one will not leave me alone. So here is Chad, a sewing pattern I have in the workings. He is still in the prototype/note/sketch stages. I love this part, making variations, figuring out the best way to communicate it onto paper….
My wheel has also been bewitching me lately. Again. I used to spend time with her the better part of every day, so spinning again feels like a warm hug, like going home after a long, long trip.
Off to clean a bit… today is a swimming day, we have invited our friends to come and enjoy our pond…
Wishing you a relaxing Sunday.