Sunday we had a very special visitor in our pond. 
We named him William. 
Monday morning he was gone, moved on to his next adventure I suppose…
The girls filmed him and took lots of photos…
We could walk to the edge of the pond and he just floated there and watched us.
He ate our trout, but since he only stayed a day we did not mind.
 Japonica Japanese azaela bush blooming by the pond. LOVE the color… Coral! yum.
Western Tanager. Male’s head turns during mating season. 
Adventures never cease here. Peculiar Ambitions is an appropriate name!
Last two days have brought some frightening bald eagle attacks on our hens! Yesterday it got away with one of the Ameracauna babies, but today it tried for Maureen (my chubby old hen I named after myself), but I screamed like an insane person and Xena barked and we scared it off. shudder.
That thing is HUGE! The eagle stood at about 3-4 feet tall. Wing span of 6-7 feet.
Hopefully it does not try again tomorrow.