Autumn has arrived!
The plants around the pond are turning gold and the Japanese maple is red.

My girls are now ladies.
So pretty and tall and smart as whips!

A new baby arrived in our circle/community and he needed a sweater.

Ruby is still rotten. And SMART. She pulls the gate over. brat.

Always knitting.
Always scheming and planning.
Beautiful organs from a pig harvest. We always marvel at the miracle and cycles of the life of our animals we raise to feed our family. So very appreciated.
Ruby and the turkey farts (as I called them).

The largest came is at a whopping 23 pounds!
Tucked into the freezer for Thanksgiving.

An our little Eve-ooo getting her SENIOR pictures taken!
AND, after some unfortunate kitty-peeing/territorial issues in the house, the cats are now having a daily playtime OUTside. Here is Ezmaralda on her first day out.
On her second day out she communed with the ranging hens.
She chased them once.  I told her if she catches one she can eat it.
I love how they match. It was my personal goal to have ALL black animals.
But I so love the green eggs those brown Ameracaunas lay. So we compromise.
reenie out.

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