We love New Year around here… a new beginning, new goals… time to clean out the corners, rethink and reorganize our nest.

And time for new projects!
I dyed the yarn and cast on for Ann’s 2015 sweater. Pattern is the Blue Sand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie.



Took a field trip with my girls, Jackie and Liz to the Container Store.


Jackie could not contain herself, so we did it for her.. haha.


Ann’s cat, Precious, being all strategic and clever, hiding IN the bird feeder. brat. She calls it a “cat” feeder.


Took a walk at dusk with my sweetie. Need to do this more often. I love the light at dusk, especially when it is misty and brillig.


Very into podcasts lately. I know, not a new thing, but taking the time to silence my surroundings and listen while I knit is a new thing for me. Learning SO much.

Right now my two favorites are:

While She Naps by Abby Glassenberg.

Woolful by Ashley Joy Yousling.

What have YOU been up to lately?
xo Reenie