The Lattice Scarf

A scarf creation for those who LOVE art yarns but do not knit or crochet.

Made with your fingers!

Several years ago, I taught a mini-class at Teesha Moore’s last Art Fiberfest in Portland, OR.  In this mini-class, I gave a demo on how to knot a scarf.  This is a great way to use that amazing handspun bulky yarn that you have in your stash.
There are two types of scarves you can knot… A Lattice scarf, and a Knotted Boa.


~ 1 skein of a bulky art yarn (min. 80 yards), or any bulky or worsted weight yarn

~ Fingers (or large crochet hook)

~ Scissors

~ Embellishments (optional)

How to make your Lattice Scarf:

~Will make a scarf approx. 85 inches long.

~ Create 4 strands of finger chains;

2 measuring 4 yards (144 in.) &

2 measuring 5 yards (180 in.)

~ Why Chain? 

Chaining is of course optional, and if your yarn is bulky enough (such as my handspun or any super bulky yarn), you only need to hold a few strands together and begin knotting.  If your working yarn is not very bulky, chaining will make your working strands thicker and give your scarf more structure. You are basically making your own bulky yarn from a lighter weight yarn. (eg. 4-6 strands worsted weight = 1 strand of super bulky weight). (How to make a Finger Knit Chain… instructions below…)

~ Why different length chains?

The inner chains will be knotted more frequently than the outer chains. (see sketch)

~ Add beads and embellishments to your yarn as you knot the chains. (Embellishment ideas below…)

~ Knot your scarf…

~ Secure your chain ends to a tabletop or your leg by taping or pinning them down.

~ Place the longer chains on the inside and the shorter chains on the outside.

~ Make square knots following the pattern in the sketch.

How to make a square knot:  Right over left,  Left over right, Makes a knot, Good and tight! (I learned that in girl scouts~ smile)

How to Make a Finger Chain

~ Didja know? Finger chains are the exact same thing as a crochet chain… the only difference is the tool you use,  so use whichever method makes you happiest!

1. Working from a ball of yarn, take the end and tie the yarn around your index finger, leaving a tail of about 5 inches.  Open your palm facing up and let the tail fall into your palm with your index finger straight up. You will hold this tail in your palm to control the tension of your chain.

2. A~ Using your free hand, wrap the working yarn up and around the tip of your finger. You will now have two strands of yarn on your finger.

B~ Take the back loop and slide it up and over the outer loop and off your finger tip. You will have one loop left on your finger.

3. Repeat A & B several times and you will notice a chain is forming!

Make this chain as long as you need it to be.

4. To finish the chain, cut the yarn and feed the new end through the last loop of the chain. Tighten. Voila!  You have made a magical finger chain!

Make it Your Own

Embellishment Ideas~

~ String beads onto your yarn before starting your finger chains, pulling the bead up to your finger and chain around it. Balance out your bead placement so each strand is different.

~ Hold strands of fancy novelty or handspun yarns along with your chosen base yarn.

~ Use leftover yarn to add fringe to the ends of the chains or tie strands at random locations leaving the ends to dangle.

~ Once your scarf is complete, tie various items around the scarf for added style and pizzazz! Use seashells, buttons, frou-frous, charms, silk flowers, etc. etc.

These instructions are attached below as a downloadable pdf.

Downloadable Link