Meet Ruby.
Ruby is our silly rogue hen, she simply cannot be contained. She hops all the fences and we gave up returning her to the flock a long time ago, so she free ranges around the farm, sleeping on the tractor at night and laying her eggs in the straw bales.
She is friendly, sweet, visits everyone who stops by and LOVES
when we let the turkeys loose to range (friends!!).
Today our favorite UPS guy, Todd, returned from a 7 month hiatus.
We chatted for longer than usual, catching up on the latest happenings…
When he pulled out to leave, my friend Jackie was looking out the kitchen window and noticed chicken feet in the truck. We assumed the chicken jumped out as he pulled out to leave. We looked around for her for a bit, then gave up (sometimes Ruby hides very well)
and laughed about how Ruby may have left with Todd.
About 15 minutes later, we saw the UPS truck coming back down our lane!
Poor Todd got to his next stop about 3 miles away and opened the back of the truck to find a stowaway!
So Ruby had a roadtrip, Todd now has a new UPS story to tell, and we all had a good laugh.
Oh, Ruby.